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29 Nov
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Swiss Project Aims for Eco-Friendly Plastics
Category: ESG News
HSG leads the Innosuisse flagship project "Towards a NetZero Plastics Industry." Collaborating with Swiss universities and 18 businesses, they reshape the plastics industry, target...
25 Sep
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Holcim and Bloomberg Media Report on Global Circular Economy Progress
Category: ESG News
Zurich, led by a circular economy mandate, ranks 5th globally in the transition to circularity, according to Holcim and Bloomberg Media.
14 Aug
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Novae Restauration SA Joins Swiss Pact to Slash Food Waste, Aiming for Sustainable Future
Category: ESG News
Novae Restauration SA joins Swiss cross-sector effort to combat food waste, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 12.3. Commitment fosters collaboration, sustainability, and r...
15 Jun
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Switzerland Takes Step Towards Sustainable Chemicals Management at International Conference
Category: ESG News
Switzerland's Federal Council approved the negotiating mandate for the country's delegation at the fifth international Conference on Chemicals Management. The aim is to establish a...
10 May
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Swiss Government Aims for a Wasteless Future with New Circular Economy Report
Category: ESG News
The Swiss government has released a report outlining potential actions to improve the country's circular economy. Despite success in recycling 3.2 million tonnes of waste, resource...
25 Apr
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Federal Council Approves Report on Combustible Waste and Recycling in Switzerland
Category: ESG News
Federal Council of Switzerland approved a report fulfilling a postulate for more recycling and less incineration. It acknowledges the progress made by private sector initiatives bu...