Hotelplan and #tide Partner for Ocean Cleanup

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Hotelplan and #tide Partner for Ocean Cleanup

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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Tide Ocean (#tide), based in Lengnau, Bern, is supported by Swiss tour operator Hotelplan to protect the world’s oceans. Hotelplan, from Zurich, helps sort and recycle plastic waste, aiming to collect more ocean-bound plastic and recycle it.

Hotelplan supports #tide’s activities in Thailand, focusing on the Road to 1 Billion Bottles project. #tide collects, sorts, and recycles plastic waste to reuse it in sustainable products. Hotelplan customers often visit these coastal areas, making the partnership a natural fit. The company offers tours for travelers interested in sustainability, highlighting waste collection and plastic recycling.

Nicole Pfammatter, CEO of Hotelplan Suisse, says the partnership helps protect the oceans and raises customer awareness about sustainability. #tide’s Marc Krebs adds that various measures are planned to keep oceans and coastlines clean and support local communities against ocean-bound plastic. #tide offers training, builds infrastructure, shares expertise, and provides financial incentives to boost plastic waste collection and recycling.

Each year, 12 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean. The high cost of removing this waste is necessary to protect ecosystems. #tide uses the collected plastic to produce recycled Ocean Material, a premium-quality material for sustainable products.

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