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29 Nov
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Swiss Project Aims for Eco-Friendly Plastics
Category: ESG News
HSG leads the Innosuisse flagship project "Towards a NetZero Plastics Industry." Collaborating with Swiss universities and 18 businesses, they reshape the plastics industry, target...
24 Oct
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ETH Zurich and Empa Enhance Recycled Concrete, Lowering Environmental Impact
Category: ESG News
Empa researchers, in collaboration with ETH Zurich, are accelerating carbonation in concr.ete production to absorb CO2. Results show recycled concrete granules with increased stren...
18 Oct
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CO₂ Removal Breakthrough: Holcim Partners with neustark
Category: ESG News
Holcim invests in neustark, a cleantech startup pioneering CO₂ removal from construction materials. Neustark's innovative technology captures and permanently stores carbon during c...
30 May
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Switzerland’s Climate and Innovation Act: A Clear Roadmap for a Sustainable Future
Category: ESG News
Switzerland's Climate and Innovation Act receives support from the Federal Council and cantons, aiming to reduce energy dependency, strengthen climate protection, and promote innov...
25 May
Climate Earth and Holcim Join Forces to Expand Global Environmental Product Declarations
Category: ESG News
Holcim and Climate Earth join forces to expand global Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), driving low-carbon demand. The partnership aims to enhance Climate Earth's digital ...