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14 Nov
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ABB Contributes to Significant Hydrogen Projects in Europe
Category: ESG News
ABB's Q3 2023 highlights sustainable progress in Europe. Partnering with Samskip, they're outfitting hydrogen-powered container ships for eco-friendly logistics. Additionally, ABB ...
09 Nov
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Swiss Federal Council Ends Tax Exemption for Electric Vehicles
Category: ESG News
Starting January 1, 2024, electric vehicles will be subject to a 4% automobile tax. This move aims to address tax revenue shortfalls, secure transportation fund deposits, and impro...
31 Oct
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Innovative Swiss Project Converts Old Satellite Antennas into Solar Panels
Category: ESG News
Swiss companies CKW Group and Leuk Teleport are transforming outdated satellite antennas into solar powerhouses in the Alps. This innovative initiative offers an eco-friendly solut...
30 Oct
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Geneva’s Open Quantum Institute to Accelerate Sustainable Solutions
Category: ESG News
The Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA) has launched the Open Quantum Institute (OQI). The OQI aims to harness quantum technologies to accelerate progress towards the ...
01 Sep
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WWF Report Highlights Urgent Water Crisis
Category: ESG News
WWF, a Swiss-based organization, issues a stark warning in a new report, revealing the enormous economic value of global water resources at US$58 trillion. It highlights the urgent...
22 Jun
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Switzerland Takes a Stand: Banning Illegally Harvested Timber to Protect Climate and Biodiversity
Category: ESG News
Switzerland has joined countries banning illegally harvested timber to combat deforestation and biodiversity loss. The new Timber Trade Ordinance (TTO) makes it illegal to place su...
21 Jun
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Switzerland Takes a Stand Against Urban Heatwaves with Innovative Solutions
Category: ESG News
Swiss cities and cantons participate in the "Adaptation to Climate Change" pilot program, supported by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). They explore urban planning gu...
13 Jun
Switzerland Expands Research on Energy and Climate Issues
Category: ESG News
Switzerland expands funding for research on energy and climate issues. The Federal Council aims to address urgent challenges related to energy security, decarbonization, and sustai...
24 May
credit suisse
Credit Suisse Spark Environmental Revolution: Historic Debt-for-Nature Swap Saves Galapagos Islands
Category: ESG News
Credit Suisse pioneers a green path with a groundbreaking debt-for-nature swap by purchasing climate bonds. In a groundbreaking move, they acquire Ecuadorian bonds, benefiting Gala...
17 May
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GIST Impact and Clarity AI Forge Alliance to Revolutionize Sustainable Investing with Cutting-Edge Biodiversity Assessment Product
Category: ESG News
Clarity AI and GIST Impact have partnered to develop a biodiversity impact assessment product for investors. The solution measures exposure to biodiversity risks, aiding informed i...
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