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15 Nov
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Nespresso Capsules Upcycled in the Extraordinary Jacket
Category: ESG News
Swiss Ingenuity Unveils "Extraordinary Jacket": HeiQ, Mammut, and Nespresso's collaborative effort brings forth an innovative, lightweight insulating jacket. Crafted from recycled ...
02 Nov
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Nestlé Advances Circular Packaging for Sustainability
Category: ESG News
Nestlé's circular packaging innovations have led to a 10.5% reduction in virgin plastics since 2018. By 2025, they aim to cut plastics by two-thirds, achieving remarkable environme...
25 Sep
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Holcim and Bloomberg Media Report on Global Circular Economy Progress
Category: ESG News
Zurich, led by a circular economy mandate, ranks 5th globally in the transition to circularity, according to Holcim and Bloomberg Media.
13 Sep
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Swiss Research Aims to Enhance Asphalt Recycling for Sustainable Roads
Category: ESG News
FOEN and Empa collaborate to address Switzerland's asphalt recycling challenge, striving for sustainable roads. Research advances aim to reduce landfill waste and enhance road infr...
24 Aug
Recycling the Non-Recyclable: New Epoxy Resin Resists Flames and Reduces Waste
Category: ESG News
#RecyclingInnovation: Empa's breakthrough epoxy resin combines recyclability, flame resistance & strength. From aerospace to wooden floors, it revolutionizes materials.
25 Jul
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New EU Policy Proposals Shaped by Swiss Empa Research
Category: ESG News
EU proposes new circular economy provisions for automotive sector based on Empa research, promoting recycling and reuse of materials. Switzerland pioneers separate electronic devic...
10 May
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Swiss Government Aims for a Wasteless Future with New Circular Economy Report
Category: ESG News
The Swiss government has released a report outlining potential actions to improve the country's circular economy. Despite success in recycling 3.2 million tonnes of waste, resource...
25 Apr
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Federal Council Approves Report on Combustible Waste and Recycling in Switzerland
Category: ESG News
Federal Council of Switzerland approved a report fulfilling a postulate for more recycling and less incineration. It acknowledges the progress made by private sector initiatives bu...
19 Apr
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Tetra Pak Highlights Recycling Initiatives Ahead of Earth Day
Category: ESG News
Tetra Pak highlights its recent recycling initiatives to keep materials out of landfills, ahead of Earth Day. The packaging company has invested in creating recycling infrastructur...
30 Mar
zero waste
Switzerland to Observe First-Ever International Day of Zero Waste on March 30
Category: ESG News
Switzerland will observe the first International Day of Zero Waste on March 30, as designated by the UN. The day aims to emphasize sustainability and address waste's environmental ...
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