FREITAG Launches New Fully Recyclable Backpack

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FREITAG Launches New Fully Recyclable Backpack

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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FREITAG has introduced a groundbreaking backpack, the Mono[PA6], marking a major advance in sustainable design. Launched on April 24, this new product from the Zurich-based manufacturer is notable for being made entirely from polyamide 6 (PA6), a material that allows the entire backpack, including all its components like zippers and straps, to be fully recyclable.

The Mono[PA6] represents a shift towards circular products, which means they are designed to be reused in a sustainable cycle rather than ending up as waste. This backpack integrates all parts — from the fabric to the buckles — into a single material, which simplifies the recycling process at the end of its lifespan.

FREITAG emphasizes the importance of customer involvement in this sustainable cycle. The company advises customers to use their products for as long as possible, maintain them well, and return them for recycling. Returned products are sent to the Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing (IWK) at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (OST), where they are converted into PA6 granulate for new products.

This product launch aligns with FREITAG’s ongoing commitment to circularity, which began with its innovative use of recycled truck tarps. The company continues to explore sustainable practices with its partners to enhance the lifecycle of materials used in its products.

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