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09 Jul
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Alpiq Sells Swiss Rooftop Solar Portfolio
Category: ESG News
Alpiq, a Swiss power producer, has sold its 5.5-MWp rooftop photovoltaic portfolio to PS Panneaux Solaires SA, focusing on core operations and renewable energy integration. The ins...
04 Jul
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New Plant in Lavigny Converts Waste to Clean Energy
Category: ESG News
TreaTech is launching VISTA, its first circular waste treatment facility in Lavigny, at Ecorecyclage's site in Q3 2024. The plant will convert various waste types into renewable ga...
02 Jul
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Federal Council Opens CO2 Ordinance for Public Input
Category: ESG News
Switzerland's Federal Council has initiated a public consultation for the CO2 Ordinance until October 17, 2024. The ordinance outlines strategies to cut greenhouse gas emissions by...
28 Jun
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Swiss Government Plans to Broaden Corporate Sustainability Reports
Category: ESG News
Switzerland is set to align its sustainability reporting standards with the EU, expanding mandatory disclosures for companies. The new rules will increase the number of firms requi...
19 Jun
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Carbon Standards International Launches Global Tree C-Sink
Category: ESG News
Carbon Standards International AG has introduced the Global Tree C-Sink to certify tree-based carbon sinks. This standard measures CO2 absorbed by trees, ensuring sustainable fores...
06 Jun
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Accelleron Partners with Japanese Firms for Cleaner Shipping
Category: ESG News
Accelleron partners with BEMAC, Furuno, and MAKITA to support the Japanese shipping industry’s decarbonization efforts. Turbo Systems United, partly owned by Accelleron, announced ...
04 Jun
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Swiss Federal Council Updates Environmental Regulations
Category: ESG News
The Swiss Federal Council has approved changes to four environmental regulations, including the Contaminated Sites Ordinance and Chemical Risk Reduction Ordinance. Key updates allo...
29 May
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Destinus to Open First Private Hydrogen Testing Site in Europe
Category: ESG News
Destinus is pioneering Europe's first commercial private hydrogen testing site in Payerne, Switzerland. The Destinus H2 Park, set to launch gas system tests in Q3 2024, will advanc...
22 May
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Swiss Project Explores Hydrogen for Efficient Winter Energy Use
Category: ESG News
The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) supports the "H₂ districts" project to explore hydrogen cells in buildings. This aims to manage peak electricity demand during cold days. ...
17 May
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Sphaira Innovation Acquires Playmob to Boost Climate Gaming
Category: ESG News
Sphaira Innovation has acquired Playmob, a London-based video gaming market insights specialist. This merger combines Playmob with Sphaira's PlanetPlay, the first marketplace for c...