New Plant in Lavigny Converts Waste to Clean Energy

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New Plant in Lavigny Converts Waste to Clean Energy

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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TreaTech is set to launch its first circular waste treatment facility, VISTA, in Lavigny, Switzerland at Ecorecyclage’s site during the third quarter of 2024. This innovative plant aims to convert various types of waste—including industrial, agricultural, and municipal—into renewable gas that can be used in the natural gas network.

The VISTA unit utilizes advanced technology to transform waste into methane-rich gas. This process not only provides a renewable energy source but also supports a circular economy by turning waste into valuable resources. Ecorecyclage, a major organic waste treatment facility in French-speaking Switzerland, processes 35,000 tons of waste annually. This partnership with TreaTech, spurred by an investment from Holdigaz Group, will allow the treatment of up to 200 kg of waste per hour from various sources.

Frédéric Juillard, CEO of TreaTech, expressed excitement about the project’s potential to integrate sustainable waste technology into Switzerland’s grid network. Similarly, Vijay Manthripragada, a board member from Montrose Environmental Group, highlighted the technology’s significance in converting waste to resources without the environmental cost of traditional incineration methods.

TreaTech’s technology not only emits significantly less CO2 compared to incineration but also captures renewable gases and recovers minerals for fertilizer and clean water. This method could significantly contribute to Europe’s energy needs and global sustainable waste management efforts.

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