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Archroma Launches Next-Gen Sustainable Dyeing Solution

Archroma introduces AVITERA® SE GENERATION NEXT, advancing sustainable textile dyeing. This innovation offers cost-effective solutions for dark shades, meeting environmental standards while enhancing productivity. It promises up to 50% savings in water and energy, reducing CO2 emissions and effluent discharge, and can increase mill output by 25%.

Griesser and Energiehaus Arquitectos Create CO2-Neutral Living Space

Swiss firm Griesser has transformed a Barcelona terraced house into the city’s first CO2-neutral passive house, “ShowPass.” Partnering with Energiehaus Arquitectos, they used Metalunic Sinus venetian blinds for effective sun protection, blending sustainability with design. This project highlights innovation in solar shading and energy efficiency.

New Model Aids Swiss Companies in Cutting Energy Costs

The Servetia initiative by BASE and E4S introduces an innovative Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service model in Switzerland, allowing businesses to enhance energy efficiency without owning systems. This approach aims to reduce costs, minimize carbon footprints, and support sustainability goals.

AELER Technologies Innovates Sustainable Shipping Solutions

AELER Technologies is transforming logistics with its innovative, sustainable shipping containers. These advanced containers are designed to be more efficient, durable, and suitable for various industries. Partnering with Procter & Gamble, AELER aims to meet modern logistics demands while emphasizing sustainability.

Empa and wst21 Shed Light on Environmental Impact of Vehicle Tires

Empa and wst21 researchers reveal vehicle tires as a major source of microplastics, with tire wear contributing significantly to environmental pollution in Switzerland. Addressing this, they suggest improving tire materials and driving habits to reduce impact. The findings highlight the urgent need for standardized measures to combat tire wear pollution.

Innosuisse Supports smartwindows in Eco-Friendly Innovation

Innosuisse is funding smartwindows to boost its eco-friendly innovations. Their classico window, made with 70% recycled materials, has received the eco1 certification. The Window 4 Zero Emission program aims to increase recycled content to 80%, potentially reducing CO2 emissions by 10,000 tons annually.

Sirius Aviation AG Launches World’s First Hydrogen-Electric Aircraft Engine

Sirius Aviation AG has introduced the first hydrogen-electric engine for jets. This innovation, developed with BMW Group Designworks and Sauber Group F1, promises zero-emission flights with its Sirius Jet series, highlighting a significant step towards sustainable air travel. Pre-orders are open for a 2025 delivery, marking a new era in aviation technology.

Sustainable Medtech: A Leap Forward with Helbling

Helbling is creating self-powered devices that could render batteries obsolete. This innovation aims for more efficient medical implants, reducing surgeries and healthcare costs that integrates environmental energy sources into medical devices, promising advancements in healthcare sustainability.

H55’s Innovation Lands CHF 45 Million for Eco-Friendly Aviation

Swiss electric aviation pioneer H55, advancing towards a sustainable future, has raised CHF 45 million to boost its expansion in Switzerland and Canada, aiming for carbon-neutral flying. With 200 employees in Sion and a new site in Quebec, H55 partners with industry leaders for electric propulsion in aircraft like the Bristell Energic.

Hug AG’s Sustainable Farming Initiative Expands

Hug AG, in collaboration with Knecht Mühle, is expanding its sustainable wheat farming project in Aargau after a successful trial. The partnership seeks to cultivate wheat for the health-focused DAR-VIDA brand, aiming to achieve 80% sustainable production.