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Swiss Project Explores Hydrogen for Efficient Winter Energy Use

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) supports the “H₂ districts” project to explore hydrogen cells in buildings. This aims to manage peak electricity demand during cold days. Empa, along with Hälg Group, Osterwalder Group, and H2 Energy AG, is testing this concept. The project will provide data on using hydrogen cells to buffer peak loads, ensuring efficient energy use in the building sector.

Climeworks Opens Carbon Capture Plant in Iceland

Climeworks has activated Mammoth in Iceland, now the world’s largest carbon capture facility. It’s designed to remove 36,000 tons of CO2 annually, leveraging geothermal energy for operation. This significant advancement highlights the scale needed to tackle global CO2 reduction goals effectively.

Sphaira Innovation Acquires Playmob to Boost Climate Gaming

Sphaira Innovation has acquired Playmob, a London-based video gaming market insights specialist. This merger combines Playmob with Sphaira’s PlanetPlay, the first marketplace for climate-conscious games. The new alliance supports Sphaira’s “Make Green Tuesday Moves” campaign, launching June 4, with new “green” gaming items introduced monthly.

Switzerland Renews Funding for Climate Action

Switzerland pledges CHF 135 million to the Green Climate Fund from 2024-2027, supporting global climate action. This commitment aids over 250 projects in 130 countries, reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing resilience to climate change.

Ecospeed Makes Carbon Reporting Easier

Ecospeed has enhanced its carbon accounting software to easily track Scope 3 emissions. The new feature allows businesses to automatically categorize emissions into 15 types with just a click, aligning with the latest EU CSR standards. This update helps companies efficiently manage their carbon reporting requirements.

EPFL Start-Up NovaMea Receives $3.2 Million Funding

Swiss cleantech start-up NovaMea has raised USD 3.2 million to advance its green hydrogen production technology. Founded at EPFL, NovaMea specializes in anion exchange membrane electrolyzers for sustainable energy solutions. The seed funding round, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, will accelerate product development and commercialization.

BlueArk Challenge Funds New Water Management Solutions in Switzerland

The BlueArk Challenge has funded innovative water management technologies by IG group SA, RWB Groupe SA (Valais SA), and BG Consulting Engineers. These include an AI decision tool and a new infiltration box to enhance crisis response and water management in difficult terrains.

ClearSpace Set to Capture and Dispose of Space Debris

ClearSpace, a Swiss startup, has streamlined its operations to safely and efficiently tackle space debris. Partnering with OHB, the initiative, backed by the European Space Agency, moves into a new phase aiming to capture and dispose of the old ESA satellite, Proba-1.

LUZI AG Introduces Eco-Friendly Fragrance Line with Circular Materials

LUZI AG has launched a new collection of eco-friendly fragrances. These products are crafted using sustainable materials from the LUZI Circular Toolbox. This initiative is notable as it utilizes circular economy principles, ensuring all materials are safe and reusable. The toolbox has achieved a Gold C2C Certified Material Health Certificate.

Ivoclar and SkyCell Partner to Fill Empty Freight, Cutting Emissions

Ivoclar and SkyCell are revolutionizing logistics by shipping Ivoclar’s U.S.-made dental products to Europe using SkyCell’s otherwise empty containers. This partnership curbs unnecessary emissions and optimizes cargo space. The initiative will annually save around 350 tons of CO2, showcasing a proactive approach to sustainable logistics.