Balenciaga Launches Eco-Friendly Sneakers Made from Bananatex

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Balenciaga Launches Eco-Friendly Sneakers Made from Bananatex

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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Balenciaga is launching a special edition of its Triple S sneaker made from Bananatex, a natural, circular, and plastic-free material created by the Swiss company Bananatex AG. Bananatex, based in Zug, Switzerland, produces this durable and biodegradable material from Abacá banana plants grown regeneratively. This marks the world’s first sneaker made from such a material.

Balenciaga, with a branch in Zurich, will release this limited edition sneaker in natural white and black. The sneaker will feature matching laces and an embroidered Balenciaga logo. This new version of the Triple S sneaker is the result of years of development and a close partnership between Balenciaga and Bananatex AG.

The Triple S range will be available in selected Balenciaga stores worldwide and online. Bananatex has received Cradle to Cradle certification and was developed by the Zurich-based design studio QWSTION, along with a yarn specialist and weaving partner from Taiwan. Bananatex is compostable, promoting a closed natural product cycle.

This innovation is seen as a significant step in sustainable fashion, showcasing the collaboration between Balenciaga and Swiss-based Bananatex AG. The new Triple S sneaker exemplifies eco-friendly design and material use.

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