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16 Jul
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New Low Carbon Coffee Variety Unveiled by Nestlé
Category: ESG News
Nestlé has introduced Star 4, a new Arabica coffee variety designed to withstand climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This high-yielding variety, resistant to coffee...
09 Jul
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Alpiq Sells Swiss Rooftop Solar Portfolio
Category: ESG News
Alpiq, a Swiss power producer, has sold its 5.5-MWp rooftop photovoltaic portfolio to PS Panneaux Solaires SA, focusing on core operations and renewable energy integration. The ins...
05 Jul
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New Insurance Coverage for Clean Hydrogen Projects Launched
Category: ESG News
Zurich Insurance Group and Aon have launched an insurance program for clean hydrogen projects, covering expenses up to $250 million. This initiative supports the development of gre...
02 Jul
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Federal Council Opens CO2 Ordinance for Public Input
Category: ESG News
Switzerland's Federal Council has initiated a public consultation for the CO2 Ordinance until October 17, 2024. The ordinance outlines strategies to cut greenhouse gas emissions by...
28 Jun
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Swiss Government Plans to Broaden Corporate Sustainability Reports
Category: ESG News
Switzerland is set to align its sustainability reporting standards with the EU, expanding mandatory disclosures for companies. The new rules will increase the number of firms requi...
26 Jun
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Federal Council Backs New Green Finance Rules
Category: ESG News
On 19 June 2024, the Federal Council reviewed new self-regulatory rules by Swiss financial organizations to combat greenwashing. These rules align with the Council's 2022 stance on...
25 Jun
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Hotelplan and #tide Partner for Ocean Cleanup
Category: ESG News
Tide Ocean (#tide) in Lengnau, Bern, teams up with Swiss tour operator Hotelplan to fight ocean plastic pollution. Hotelplan supports #tide’s efforts in Thailand, focusing on the R...
21 Jun
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Synhelion Completes Solar Energy Plant Milestone
Category: ESG News
Synhelion has completed its first industrial-scale demonstration plant, DAWN, in Jülich, Germany, where it will produce carbon-neutral aviation fuel using concentrated solar energy...
19 Jun
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Carbon Standards International Launches Global Tree C-Sink
Category: ESG News
Carbon Standards International AG has introduced the Global Tree C-Sink to certify tree-based carbon sinks. This standard measures CO2 absorbed by trees, ensuring sustainable fores...
11 Jun
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Mycosuisse and Eoc Energy Ocean Win AKS Environment Award
Category: ESG News
The Albert Koechlin Foundation (AKS) awarded the 2024 Environment Award to mycosuisse and eoc energy ocean, each receiving 40,000 Swiss francs. Mycosuisse, based in Lucerne, uses f...