New Measures for Sustainable Soil Use in Switzerland

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New Measures for Sustainable Soil Use in Switzerland

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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The Swiss Federal Council published a report on June 26, 2024, on the economic, social, and environmental impacts of the Swiss Soil Strategy. This strategy, approved in 2020, aims for sustainable soil use and contains six goals to be achieved by 2050.

The Swiss Soil Strategy seeks to preserve soil, a valuable and non-renewable resource. The Federal Office for the Environment conducted an economic assessment to understand the strategy’s effects. This assessment indicates that the strategy positively impacts soil preservation and other environmental areas like biodiversity and water protection. However, short-term economic impacts include higher construction and agricultural costs. Long-term benefits for the economy are anticipated due to the preservation of natural resources.

The strategy also aims to improve food security, water quality, and mitigate climate change impacts, positively affecting public health and society.

To achieve these goals, four key measures are proposed:

  1. Nationwide soil data collection: Preparation for this started in 2023, and mapping will be completed by 2050.
  2. Testing methods to consider soil functions in spatial planning.
  3. Raising awareness among construction, planning, and agricultural sectors.
  4. Reviewing soil-related regulations with stakeholders for potential adjustments by 2027.

These measures involve collaboration between federal offices, cantons, research institutions, and industry partners to ensure effective implementation.

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