Collaborative Effort Aims to Recycle Demolition and Excavation Waste

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Collaborative Effort Aims to Recycle Demolition and Excavation Waste

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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Medusoil SA has secured a contract with the Canton of Vaud’s Office for Innovation and Economic Development (SPEI) to collaborate on a project focused on recycling demolition and excavation waste in Switzerland. The partnership includes Texum SA and Agramat SA, both based in Payerne, Vaud.

Founded in 2018, Medusoil specializes in sustainable binding agents for the construction sector. Texum SA is known for road stabilization and fiber-reinforced concrete, while Agramat SA is a real estate developer with materials expertise. Together, they aim to tackle Switzerland’s environmental challenge of construction waste by deploying a recycling and biomineralization plant.

The project will operate near a landfill, where the consortium will treat demolition and excavation waste. Leveraging Texum’s expertise in fiber reinforcement, Medusoil’s patented binder products will be used to produce building elements.

Switzerland currently exports around 800,000 tons of waste annually. This consortium seeks to change this by transforming waste management practices. The initiative aligns with Medusoil’s prior work in road stabilization and erosion protection projects in Switzerland and France.

The project will also develop landscaping elements and hybrid structural blocks, accelerating their adoption in the market. This effort aims to innovate and significantly contribute to advancing Switzerland’s construction industry towards sustainability.

Key aspects of the project include establishing a production line for new construction materials, developing reuse and refurbishing practices, and innovating sustainable construction techniques.

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