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11 Apr
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Natural Catastrophes Become The Largest Driver Of Insurance Losses According to Swiss Re
Category: ESG News
Swiss Re warns of increasing natural catastrophes due to climate change, urbanization, and growing populations. Half of the $125bn insured losses in 2022 were from Hurricane Ian. U...
11 Apr
electric vehicles
Swiss Government Plans New Taxation Policy for Electric Vehicles Starting in 2024
Category: ESG News
Switzerland plans to impose an automobile import tax on electric cars starting in 2024 to generate revenue for road maintenance and infrastructure projects. The tax exemption for e...
13 Apr
Zur Rose Group’s Sustainability Report Reveals Significant Progress Towards Sustainability Goals
Category: ESG News
Zur Rose Group's Sustainability Report for 2022 reveals that the Swiss healthcare company is making progress towards achieving its sustainability goals. The report shows a 16% redu...
19 Apr
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Tetra Pak Highlights Recycling Initiatives Ahead of Earth Day
Category: ESG News
Tetra Pak highlights its recent recycling initiatives to keep materials out of landfills, ahead of Earth Day. The packaging company has invested in creating recycling infrastructur...
25 Apr
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Federal Council Approves Report on Combustible Waste and Recycling in Switzerland
Category: ESG News
Federal Council of Switzerland approved a report fulfilling a postulate for more recycling and less incineration. It acknowledges the progress made by private sector initiatives bu...
10 May
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Swiss Government Aims for a Wasteless Future with New Circular Economy Report
Category: ESG News
The Swiss government has released a report outlining potential actions to improve the country's circular economy. Despite success in recycling 3.2 million tonnes of waste, resource...
27 Jun
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Advancing Eco-Friendly Solutions: Swiss Federal Council Approves 2017-2021 Environmental Tech Report
Category: ESG News
Swiss Federal Council approves the report on environmental technology promotion from 2017-2021, highlighting successful projects and investments in reducing environmental impact an...
28 Jun
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FOEN Unveils “Go for Impact” Model to Revolutionize Resource Conservation Efforts
Category: ESG News
FOEN introduces "Go for Impact" model, focusing on innovation and collaboration to significantly reduce resource consumption and achieve a sustainable economy.
13 Jul
Hydrological Measuring Stations Awarded by the WMO
Category: ESG News
Swiss hydrological measuring stations in Thur-Andelfingen, Birs-M√ľnchenstein, and Sitter-Appenzell were designated as "Centennial Observing Stations" by the WMO, recognizing their ...
27 Jul
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Swiss Solar Railway Project Hits Obstacles
Category: ESG News
Swiss solar railway project to install panels on tracks for alternative energy production is stopped by transport ministry, citing maintenance challenges and potential train delays...