ABB Contributes to Significant Hydrogen Projects in Europe

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ABB Contributes to Significant Hydrogen Projects in Europe

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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Swiss-based global technology company ABB is actively engaged in two significant hydrogen initiatives in Europe.

The first involves collaborating with Samskip, a global logistics company, to equip two new hydrogen-powered container ships with complete power, propulsion, and automation systems. These vessels, pioneering the use of hydrogen as fuel, will travel between Oslo Fjord and Rotterdam over a distance of about 700 nautical miles.

The second project sees ABB contributing its electrical expertise to a 1-gigawatt hydrogen production facility in Esbjerg, Denmark, operated by H2 Energy. Positioned as one of Europe’s largest hydrogen developments, this plant aims to generate approximately 90,000 tons of hydrogen annually, matching the energy output of 1.9 million barrels of oil.

The company’s Energy Industries division is experiencing increased involvement in low-carbon domains like hydrogen, LNG, and carbon capture. Notably, Energy Industries has been engaged by Danish company H2 Energy Esbjerg ApS to provide electrical engineering support for its hydrogen production hub. This plant will convert offshore wind energy into 90,000 tons of green hydrogen each year, significantly aiding the decarbonization of heavy industry and road transportation.

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