Watt d'Or 2024: Celebrating Swiss Innovations in Sustainable Energy

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Watt d’Or 2024: Celebrating Swiss Innovations in Sustainable Energy

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On January 11, 2024, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy recognized innovative energy projects with the Watt d’Or prize. This award, started in 2007, celebrates exceptional energy advancements without monetary rewards. A total of 42 entries were submitted, with 17 reaching the finals. The winners, chosen by a jury led by National Councilor Susanne Vincenz-Stauffacher, showcased remarkable energy solutions in four categories.

In the Energy Technologies category, ETH Zurich and AEW Energie AG were recognized for their smart grid optimization. Their project improves the electricity grid’s efficiency by 10% using a digital solution, avoiding physical expansion. This approach makes solar energy more grid-compatible, enhancing grid operation.

The Renewable Energies category winner, Cham Group AG, in collaboration with Andy Wickart Haustechnik AG, Alfacel AG, and pom+Consulting AG, transformed Cham’s neighborhood into a climate-neutral area. This project utilizes 100% renewable energy, including hydropower and solar, with innovative energy management for around 1,000 flats and job spaces.

CLEMAP AG and Otto Fischer AG won the Energy Efficient Mobility category. They developed a system managing over 30 different charging stations, optimizing solar energy use for electric vehicles. This solution, entirely Swiss-made, helps in reducing grid expansion costs.

Finally, in the Buildings and Space category, the Knonau-Maschwanden-Mettmenstetten secondary school, with Pro-Energie GmbH, achieved climate neutrality and energy self-sufficiency. Their integrated system, including photovoltaic and heat pumps, significantly reduced energy costs, benefiting both the environment and the local community.

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