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09 Nov
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Swiss Federal Council Ends Tax Exemption for Electric Vehicles
Category: ESG News
Starting January 1, 2024, electric vehicles will be subject to a 4% automobile tax. This move aims to address tax revenue shortfalls, secure transportation fund deposits, and impro...
08 May
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Driving Towards a Greener Future: Swiss Report Highlights Benefits of Electric Cars and Renewable Energy
Category: ESG News
Switzerland's Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) released a report highlighting the impact of different car powertrain types on the environment. The report suggests that ele...
11 Apr
electric vehicles
Swiss Government Plans New Taxation Policy for Electric Vehicles Starting in 2024
Category: ESG News
Switzerland plans to impose an automobile import tax on electric cars starting in 2024 to generate revenue for road maintenance and infrastructure projects. The tax exemption for e...
31 Mar
sustainable mobility
Baloise Expands Its Sustainable Mobility Ecosystem With a New Investment
Category: ESG News
Swiss insurance company, Baloise, has invested in TRONITY, a data-driven solution that provides electric vehicle users with transparent and comprehensive information about the cost...
17 Jan
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Watt d’Or 2024: Celebrating Swiss Innovations in Sustainable Energy
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The Watt d'Or 2024 honors Swiss energy leaders: ETH Zurich, AEW Energie AG for grid efficiency; Cham Group AG and partners for a renewable energy neighborhood; CLEMAP AG and Otto F...