Holcim's Circular Transition Award: A Milestone in Green Building

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Holcim’s Circular Transition Award: A Milestone in Green Building

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
Category: ESG News

Holcim, a Swiss multinational building materials company, is making waves in the field of sustainability and circular construction. Recognized at the Reuters Responsible Business Awards 2023, Holcim is thrilled to receive the Circular Transition Award, highlighting their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Their groundbreaking innovations hold promise for revolutionizing construction while conserving our finite natural resources:

  1. Pioneering clinker crafted entirely from recycled minerals.
  2. 100% recycled cement, tailored for custom concrete production.
  3. Custom concrete infused with recycled water and aggregates, sourced from construction demolition materials via their ECOCycle® circular technology.
  4. The world’s first fully recycled concrete building, Recygénie, constructed with this innovative custom concrete.

This marks only the beginning of Holcim’s journey towards circular construction. The core idea is to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, recycle materials, and regenerate ecosystems for a sustainable future.

Holcim’s strategy involves building smarter and more efficiently by reducing building footprints, promoting low-carbon materials, and implementing energy-efficient and green retrofitting solutions. They are dedicated to a sustainable and eco-friendly vision, contributing to a greener, cleaner world.

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