Switzerland's Eco-Friendly Currency: "Wind Power" Coin Hits Market

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Switzerland’s Eco-Friendly Currency: “Wind Power” Coin Hits Market

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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On September 27th, Swissmint, the renowned producer of exclusive collector coins, is set to release the “Wind Power” silver coin, marking the culmination of the “Energy of the Future” trilogy. This coin, like its predecessors, “Hydropower” and “Solar Energy,” features luminescent elements that glow in the dark.

The “Wind Power” coin concludes Swissmint’s special series focused on sustainable energy sources, designed to raise awareness about climate change and renewable energy. In addition to hydropower and solar energy, wind power is emerging as a crucial component of Switzerland’s energy mix, particularly in bridging the winter energy gap, as wind turbines produce a significant portion of their energy during this season. This synergy of wind, solar, and hydropower sources allows for the delivery of carbon-free electricity sourced within Switzerland.

These special coins serve to honor noteworthy projects, associations, and prominent figures, while also spotlighting issues of national importance.

The 20g “Wind Power” coin, crafted from 999 silver, stands out with its unique design elements, including fluorescent depictions of a wind turbine and abstract wind patterns on the obverse side. The reverse side showcases a globe with fictitious high- and low-pressure areas, along with a nominal value of CHF 20. A limited run of 10,000 proof-quality coins will be issued.

Swissmint, the Federal Mint, has been producing Swiss franc coins since 1855 and has a rich history of minting special coins to commemorate significant cultural events and honor prominent figures. These special coins are celebrated as miniature works of art, crafted with precision.

Swissmint, as the country’s official coin producer, provides coins for everyday transactions and regularly releases circulation and special coins in various metals, each bearing an official state-guaranteed nominal value.

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