ABB Collaborates on Europe's Largest Offshore Wind Renewable Hydrogen Project

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ABB Collaborates on Europe’s Largest Offshore Wind Renewable Hydrogen Project

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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ABB, a global technology leader, is partnering with Lhyfe and Skyborn on the ambitious SoutH2Port renewable hydrogen project. This collaboration aims to integrate large-scale production of offshore wind renewable hydrogen into the energy system. The plant, located in Söderhamn, Sweden, powered by Skyborn’s offshore wind farm, will produce 240 tons of hydrogen per day.

ABB will optimize the integration of hydrogen and electricity production using its expertise in automation, electrical, and digital technologies. The goal is to develop scalable, commercial energy transition projects and explore Power-to-X conversion technologies for carbon-neutral energy carriers like hydrogen.

Brandon Spencer, President of ABB Energy Industries, emphasized the significance of this partnership in decarbonizing industries and transportation sectors to achieve global climate goals. Achim Berge Olsen, Chairman of Skyborn Renewables Sweden, expressed excitement about ABB’s involvement, highlighting their shared conviction in the project’s potential. Taia Kronborg, co-founder, and Chief Business Officer at Lhyfe, emphasized the expansion of renewable hydrogen production at scale.

The SoutH2Port project aligns with Sweden’s vision of becoming the world’s first fossil-free welfare country by 2045. It will contribute to the decarbonization of the energy system, create new jobs, and open up business opportunities.

ABB’s commitment to sustainability, Lhyfe’s expertise in renewable hydrogen production, and Skyborn’s offshore wind capabilities create new possibilities for driving the energy transition and enabling Power-to-X solutions.

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