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28 Sep
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Swiss Industries Take Strides in Battling Water Pollution
Category: ESG News
FOEN, featured in Magazine « l’environnement », addresses industrial wastewater challenges in Switzerland. Despite regulations, pollutants persist, with pharmaceutical and chemical...
27 Sep
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Switzerland’s Eco-Friendly Currency: “Wind Power” Coin Hits Market
Category: ESG News
Swissmint, in collaboration with FOEN, releases the "Wind Power" silver coin, completing the "Energy of the Future" series. This coin spotlights renewable energy's importance, espe...
13 Sep
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Swiss Research Aims to Enhance Asphalt Recycling for Sustainable Roads
Category: ESG News
FOEN and Empa collaborate to address Switzerland's asphalt recycling challenge, striving for sustainable roads. Research advances aim to reduce landfill waste and enhance road infr...
06 Sep
Swiss Building Program Achieves Record Funding for Energy-Efficient Renovations
Category: ESG News
FOEN reports record demand for energy-efficient renovation grants in 2022. The Building Program, funded by federal and cantonal governments, allocated 425 million CHF, an 18% incre...
09 Aug
Renewable Sources Drive Down CO2 Emissions in 2022
Category: ESG News
CO2 emissions from motor fuels showed a slight decline in 2022, dropping by 1.1% compared to the previous year. Improved energy efficiency in buildings and increased use of renewab...
05 Jul
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Pilot Project in Aargau Paves the Way for Sustainable Farming Amidst Climate Change
Category: ESG News
The Swiss magazine "die umwelt" reports on a project in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland, under the auspices of FOEN. The project aims to explore the requirements for climate-resi...
08 May
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Driving Towards a Greener Future: Swiss Report Highlights Benefits of Electric Cars and Renewable Energy
Category: ESG News
Switzerland's Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) released a report highlighting the impact of different car powertrain types on the environment. The report suggests that ele...
02 May
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FOEN’s Latest Report Shows an Increase in Swiss Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2021
Category: ESG News
Swiss greenhouse gas emissions increased slightly in 2021 to 45.2 million tonnes CO2-equivalent, driven by higher heating demand due to a colder winter. The increase was mainly in ...
30 Mar
zero waste
Switzerland to Observe First-Ever International Day of Zero Waste on March 30
Category: ESG News
Switzerland will observe the first International Day of Zero Waste on March 30, as designated by the UN. The day aims to emphasize sustainability and address waste's environmental ...