New Swiss Association Aims to Reduce Agricultural Carbon Footprint

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New Swiss Association Aims to Reduce Agricultural Carbon Footprint

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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In Lausanne, Switzerland, a significant step has been taken towards greener agriculture with the formation of the AgroImpact association. This new group is a collaborative effort between the canton of Vaud, the agricultural organization Prométerre, the environmental group WWF, and the global company Nestlé. Their shared goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of Swiss farming practices.

AgroImpact, based in Lausanne, is an inter-cantonal organization created by Prométerre. It unites various sectors including agriculture, research, education, commerce, industry, and non-governmental organizations. The association aims to fund efficient and transparent initiatives to lower carbon emissions in the agricultural enterprises of Romandy, the French-speaking region of Switzerland.

The association is led by Aude Jarabo, a doctor of natural sciences, with Claude Baehler, president of Prométerre, serving as its president. AgroImpact has secured considerable financial backing, including 1,050,000 Swiss francs from the Canton of Vaud and 900,000 Swiss francs from the Fonds de soutien à l’économie durable (FSED). Additionally, the Directorate-General for Agriculture, Viticulture and Veterinary Affairs (DGAV) contributes 150,000 Swiss francs. The DGAV also plans to support vineyards in calculating their carbon footprint, providing 1,250,000 Swiss francs over five years under the Vaud Climate Plan and the AgroImpact project.

The involvement of Nestlé and the WWF underscores the project’s appeal to international partners. AgroImpact aims to expand its partnership network to bolster climate action efforts throughout Switzerland.

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