Nestlé Commits to Green Shipping for a Cleaner Tomorrow

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Nestlé Commits to Green Shipping for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
Category: ESG News

Nestlé, a Swiss-based global food and beverage company, has inked agreements with leading logistics firms – Hapag-Lloyd, Maersk, and CMA CGM – to transition 50% of its worldwide shipping to eco-friendly fuels, effective immediately.

The Swiss company aims to employ green fuels, derived from waste like used cooking oil, in its cargo shipping operations. This move is anticipated to curtail annual greenhouse gas emissions by around 200,000 metric tons, avoiding the need for about 500,000 barrels of crude oil for ocean transportation.

Nestlé committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and laid out a time-bound plan in 2020 to reach this goal, including a 20% emissions reduction by 2025 and 50% by 2030. Logistics constitute approximately 8% of Nestlé’s total carbon footprint, and the company aims to cut logistics emissions by 1 million tonnes by 2030.

The agreements, covering over half of Nestlé’s 2023 shipping volumes, with potential extensions into 2024, emphasize the company’s interim strategy while encouraging long-term decarbonization solutions in shipping. The use of alternative fuels could reduce emissions by at least 70% compared to standard options.

Nestlé’s partners, Hapag-Lloyd, Maersk, and CMA CGM, commend the initiative, emphasizing significant reductions in CO2e emissions and praising Nestlé’s commitment to a low GHG emission solution.

These agreements represent a substantial step for Nestlé in realizing its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future in shipping.

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