Hug AG's Sustainable Farming Initiative Expands

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Hug AG’s Sustainable Farming Initiative Expands

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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Hug AG and Knecht Mühle in Leibstadt, Aargau, have joined forces to experiment with sustainable wheat farming. After a successful trial, they’re expanding their initiative, with ten other Aargau farms showing interest.

In 2023, the health-focused brand DAR-VIDA played a crucial role in Hug’s sales growth. Hug AG, based in Malters, Lucerne, collaborated with Knecht Mühle and a local farmer to test sustainable wheat production for DAR-VIDA. They minimized pesticide usage and promoted biodiversity by spacing the wheat rows.

Marianne Wüthrich Gross, Co-Managing Director Operations at Hug AG, noted, “This practical project is making significant strides in farming. Our goal is to ultimately produce 80% of DAR-VIDA’s wheat sustainably.” Ten other Aargau farms have also joined the project.

Anna Hug, Co-Managing Director Markets at Hug, shared, “DAR-VIDA aligns with the trend of healthy snacking and is widely accessible. We’ve gained market share and solidified our position.”

Besides DAR-VIDA, Hug’s food service business experienced substantial growth in 2023, contributing nearly 40% of their sales. Hug’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Andreas Hug, explained their plans to invest 11 million Swiss francs in renovating a tartelettes production facility to support further growth.

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