Holcim and Bloomberg Media Report on Global Circular Economy Progress

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Holcim and Bloomberg Media Report on Global Circular Economy Progress

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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Zurich, Switzerland, is making substantial strides in its journey to become a Circular City, setting an impressive example. In a recent report by Holcim and Bloomberg Media, Zurich ranks 5th among the world’s largest cities for its rapid transition from a linear to a Circular Economy.

This transformation has been at the forefront of Zurich’s administration since 2022 when 89% of voters endorsed a referendum calling for responsible resource management and material reuse. Zurich’s commitment extends to reducing emissions, enhancing air quality, and maintaining the world’s strictest water quality standards.

Zurich has earned its 5th place in the Barometer, excelling in renewable energy consumption and circular living. Innovative projects like the Sprint office building in Dübendorf district demonstrate Zurich’s dedication to repurposing materials and sustainable construction.

Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed the Rippmann Floor System, a concrete innovation that significantly reduces carbon emissions. Zurich Airport’s “The Circle” is Switzerland’s largest LEED Platinum-certified building, featuring rainwater collection, photovoltaic systems, and geothermal heat.

Swiss federal technology institutions ETH Zurich and EPFL have formed the Coalition for Green Energy and Storage to drive innovation in renewable energy storage and transport solutions.

Zurich’s efficient public transport system, low-carbon energy use, and ambitious goals for a climate-neutral future solidify its position as a sustainability leader. The city’s circular mandate emphasizes responsible resource use, with residents already recycling two-thirds of their waste.

Zurich’s circular journey aligns with its net-zero target by 2040 and plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The city focuses on a healthy urban environment, noise control, air pollution reduction, and green space expansion.

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