Archroma Launches Next-Gen Sustainable Dyeing Solution

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Archroma Launches Next-Gen Sustainable Dyeing Solution

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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Archroma has launched AVITERA® SE GENERATION NEXT, expanding the reach of its revolutionary AVITERA® SE technology to more brands and mills. This new development makes dyeing cellulosic fibers and blends more cost-effective and sustainable.

The improved AVITERA® SE GENERATION NEXT range brings better cost-to-performance for new dark and extra-dark shades. It helps mills produce unique products that meet the environmental standards of top brands and retailers, improving yield, productivity, and cutting processing costs.

Dhirendra Gautam, Vice President at Archroma Textile Effects, highlights that AVITERA® SE has been a top choice for leading clothing brands for over a decade. The new generation maintains exceptional environmental benefits while aiding the financial sustainability of the fashion and textile industry.

Traditionally, dyeing darker shades has been challenging, requiring more dye, water, energy, and often additional steps. Darker colors also tend to fade quicker. However, AVITERA® SE Generation Next allows for the sustainable production of consistent and lasting dark shades at costs similar to traditional methods.

This technology achieves up to 50% water and energy savings, cuts CO2 emissions and effluent discharge by half, and can increase mill output by 25% or more. The dyes, free from harmful arylamines, ensure colors stay vibrant even after multiple washes and exposure to light, sweat, and chlorine.

Three new dark colors have been added to the AVITERA® SE range, broadening the spectrum of color combinations. Since its introduction in 2010, AVITERA® SE has been a sustainability benchmark in the textile industry, with an expanding color palette, improved performance, and increased cost savings. AVITERA® SE GENERATION NEXT marks the fourth generation of this dye solution, introducing dark shades for greater economic sustainability.

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