Switzerland Launches Sustainable Coffee Initiative

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Switzerland Launches Sustainable Coffee Initiative

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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The Swiss Sustainable Coffee Platform (SSCP) was launched in Bern on 6 June 2024 with Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin present. Its goal is to enhance sustainability in the coffee sector. This initiative involves the Swiss coffee industry, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), civil society, and academia.

Switzerland, the world’s largest coffee trading hub, handles over 50% of global coffee exports and is a major roasted coffee exporter. From this key position, Switzerland aims to unite market stakeholders to address challenges like ensuring fair income for farmers, tackling climate change, and protecting human rights.

To address these challenges, the Community of Interest Coffee Switzerland was formed, uniting major Swiss coffee associations such as the Swiss Coffee Trade Association, Procafé, and the Swiss Roaster Guild. These partners, along with SECO, Swiss NGOs, and researchers, have launched the SSCP. They signed a Declaration of Intent to commit to human rights, climate protection, and sustainable coffee procurement. This initiative aims to improve living conditions for coffee producers.

Nicolas A. Tamari, President of the Swiss Coffee Trade Association, emphasized the need for sustainability in the coffee value chain. Federal Councillor Parmelin highlighted that the SSCP will help Swiss companies meet due diligence requirements and have a greater impact in partner countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, and Peru.

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