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FREITAG Launches New Fully Recyclable Backpack

FREITAG has launched the Mono[PA6] backpack, made entirely from polyamide 6 (PA6), enabling full recyclability of all its components

OceanSafe & CHT Team Up for Eco-Friendly Polyester Solutions

OceanSafe and CHT have collaborated to develop eco-friendly polyester textiles using OceanSafe’s biodegradable fiber, naNea. The partnership introduces sustainable dyeing and finishing solutions that can earn Cradle to Cradle certifications.

FOEN’s 2024 Report Highlights Switzerland’s Fiscal Challenge

Switzerland’s latest “2024 fiscal sustainability report” highlights long-term financial challenges due to ageing and climate protection.

Swiss Retailer Denner to Source Renewable Energy from Agrivoltaic Plant

Denner partners with Romande Energie to source electricity from a new agrivoltaic plant in Conthey, Switzerland. The plant, set to generate 600 MWh annually, will power 240 households and protect berries from storms on its 3,700-square-metre site. Denner aims to reduce its carbon footprint through this renewable energy initiative, reflecting a commitment to sustainable practices.

H2-HUB Schweiz Aims to Boost Switzerland’s Hydrogen Production

Basel is set to become Switzerland’s hydrogen hub with the launch of H2-HUB Schweiz. Founded in February, the association aims to produce green hydrogen using solar, hydroelectric, and wind power in the region

Norway Comissions Climeworks for Feasibility Study

Climeworks secures 2.2M Swiss francs from Enova to explore CO2 capture plant feasibility. The Zurich-based company plans Norse Pine, scheduled for 2030, with capacity for thousands of tonnes yearly.

Collaborative Effort Aims to Recycle Demolition and Excavation Waste

Medusoil SA, in collaboration with Texum SA and Agramat SA, has secured a contract with the Canton of Vaud to recycle demolition and excavation waste in Switzerland. This partnership aims to address the country’s construction waste challenge by deploying a recycling and biomineralization plant.

Migros Pioneer Fund and Seedling Foundation Support Circunis in Food Waste Initiative

Circunis has secured funding from the Seedling Foundation to launch an online marketplace for trading surplus food and by-products until 2026. This initiative, supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund, aims to reduce food waste by keeping excess products within the processing cycle.

Federal Council Approves Report on Carbon Neutral Aviation

Switzerland’s Federal Council adopts measures for carbon-neutral aviation by 2050. The report emphasizes transitioning to Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) and improving aircraft efficiency. New regulations aim to blend SAFs and offer subsidies for industry efforts. While targeting a 70% reduction in carbon emissions, achieving full neutrality requires carbon sequestration technologies.

SUSI Partners Pioneers Renewable Energy Investments

SUSI Partners, based in Zug, has partnered with Alba Renewables from Singapore to support renewable energy initiatives in the Philippines. This collaboration aims to bolster sustainable energy production in the region. SUSI’s investments through the Asia Energy Transition Fund will fund specific projects over the next two years.