Swiss Chocolate Company Embraces Full Recyclability in Packaging

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Swiss Chocolate Company Embraces Full Recyclability in Packaging

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Chocolat Stella Bernrain, a Swiss chocolate company from Kreuzlingen, Thurgau, is introducing a new, environmentally-friendly packaging for its chocolate bars. The innovative packaging, made entirely of paper, is fully recyclable, aligning with sustainable practices. The company will showcase this development at the ISM trade fair, an event for sweets and snacks, in Cologne, Germany, from January 28 to 31.

This new packaging, named Flowpack, is a breakthrough in the chocolate industry. Unlike traditional packaging that often uses a mix of materials, Flowpack is made solely from paper. This simplifies recycling and reduces environmental impact. The packaging is designed to keep chocolate bars safe and intact, thanks to a cold sealing technique.

In addition to its eco-friendly nature, the Flowpack machine is highly efficient, capable of wrapping over 600 chocolate bars per minute. It also offers versatility in terms of product presentation, with options for both horizontal and vertical display in its cartons. The system accommodates various sizes and formats of chocolate bars, and changing between these formats is an easy, tool-free process.

Chocolat Stella Bernrain is already accepting sample orders for their Flowpack packaging, allowing other companies to explore this sustainable packaging solution for their products. This initiative marks a significant step towards sustainability in the chocolate industry, reflecting the growing global emphasis on environmental responsibility.

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