Sustainable Medtech: A Leap Forward with Helbling

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Sustainable Medtech: A Leap Forward with Helbling

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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Helbling, a Zurich-based engineering firm, is advancing medical technology (medtech) with energy harvesting technology. This technology captures energy from the environment to power devices, potentially eliminating the need for batteries in medtech devices. Energy harvesting can make devices like active implants more sustainable and efficient, supporting smaller implants and reducing medical risks and costs.

Helbling uses a comprehensive approach, focusing on the device’s functions and energy needs, then exploring environmental energy sources like light, heat, and movement. Technologies such as photovoltaic cells, which convert light into electricity, and electrodes that utilize biochemicals are being tested for their effectiveness in powering medical devices.

This technology is especially promising for devices like continuous glucose monitoring systems and implantable cardiac stimulators. Helbling’s multidisciplinary teams work on these innovations by closely analyzing potential energy sources and converting them into usable electricity. The firm is also exploring how harvester circuits can ensure a reliable power supply, crucial for the success of energy harvesting in medtech.

With ongoing research and development, Helbling is committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable medtech innovations. Through partnerships, the company aims to transfer these technologies into practical applications, showcasing the potential of energy harvesting in transforming the healthcare industry.

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