Sirius Aviation AG Launches World’s First Hydrogen-Electric Aircraft Engine

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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In Baar, Zug, Sirius Aviation AG has introduced a groundbreaking hydrogen-electric engine for jets, a first of its kind globally. This advancement, made with the help of BMW Group Designworks and Sauber Group F1, aims to power the Sirius Jet series. Revealed at Payerne Airport, Vaud, on 17 January, this system promises a cleaner future for air travel.

The engine’s debut showcased its ability to operate without emitting harmful pollutants, only releasing water vapor. The Sirius Jet, capable of vertical takeoff and landing without emissions, was also presented. By 2025, two versions are expected: the Sirius Business Jet for private use and the Sirius Millennium Jet for commercial flights.

Leaders from Sirius Aviation, BMW Designworks, and Sauber Group F1 highlighted the project’s focus on sustainable aviation innovation. This collaboration reflects a commitment to transforming air travel with environmentally friendly technology.

Sirius Aviation is now taking pre-orders for this eco-friendly propulsion system, set for delivery by late 2025. This initiative marks a significant step towards sustainable aviation, aligning with the industry’s environmental goals.

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