Consortium Launches for Sustainable Energy Solutions in Switzerland

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In a significant stride towards sustainability, the consortium, supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy’s (SFOE) SWEET funding program, launched its operations on December 8, 2023. Comprising nine Swiss academic institutions and research bodies alongside an industrial partner, the consortium aims to establish reliable supply channels for sustainable fuels and base chemicals within Switzerland.

During Swiss President Alain Berset’s visit to Oman, a Memorandum of Understanding on sustainable energy and technology was inked, aligning with’s mission. The collaboration gained momentum with a Letter of Interest from the Omani Ambassador, indicating future joint efforts.

Despite being early stages, boasts an international network of over 60 partners covering the entire value chain. Concrete actions have already commenced, exemplified by a delegation heading to Oman for talks on sustainable energy production at the Green Hydrogen Summit.

Simultaneously, efforts are underway in southern Spain for a European case study, focusing on enhancing the efficiency of existing processes for sustainable energy production. Switzerland’s role as a research and technology hub positions it to contribute significantly to global climate solutions.

The SFOE-backed consortium is exploring alternatives to fossil fuels, particularly for aviation and industrial processes, emphasizing international collaboration and scrutinizing production, regulatory frameworks, and dependencies abroad. To meet Switzerland’s demand for sustainable energy, a key focus lies in harnessing farmyard manure and optimizing synthetic fuel production processes.

Addressing the need for collaboration, the SWEET funding program extends until 2032, emphasizing research aligning with the 2050 Energy Strategy and Switzerland’s climate goals. The SFOE takes the lead in steering the SWEET program, fostering solution-driven research and practical demonstrations.

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