Nespresso Capsules Upcycled in the Extraordinary Jacket

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Nespresso Capsules Upcycled in the Extraordinary Jacket

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
Category: ESG News

HeiQ, Mammut, and Nespresso have united to introduce the Extraordinary Jacket, a cutting-edge lightweight insulating garment. Developed by Swiss brands HeiQ from Schlieren, Mammut from Seon, and Nespresso from Vevey, this collaboration yields a distinctive product in the outdoor apparel industry.

The jacket, available on Mammut’s online shop and Nespresso’s Swiss e-commerce site, boasts Mammut’s Ajungilak insulation enhanced with HeiQ XReflex 3D technology, utilizing recycled aluminum from Nespresso capsules. Designed to retain 20% more heat than conventional jackets of similar thickness, the innovation ensures optimal temperature regulation without compromising comfort.

Mammut’s CEO, Nic Brandenberger, emphasizes the synergy of Swiss innovation, transforming recycled Nespresso aluminum into outerwear with HeiQ technology. Carlo Centonze, CEO of HeiQ Group, highlights the sustainability aspect, stating that “the same coffee can make you warm more than once.”

This collaboration signifies a milestone in sustainable fashion, offering consumers superior performance with less environmental impact. The Extraordinary Jacket exemplifies Swiss excellence in eco-friendly outdoor wear, providing warmth effortlessly under diverse conditions.

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