MeduSoil Secures 5.2 Million for Eco-Friendly Construction Tech

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
Category: ESG News

MeduSoil, a Swiss start-up, has successfully raised 5.2 million Swiss francs in a recent funding round. This financial boost will help the company, known for its bio-cementation technology, to increase its production and distribution. MeduSoil aims to grow its operations not only in Switzerland but also throughout Europe.

The company specializes in creating sustainable construction materials through a process called biomineralization. These materials are eco-friendly, reducing carbon emissions by at least 55% without sacrificing quality or strength. MeduSoil’s products are used in various construction projects like earthworks and foundations, and they also help protect against natural disasters.

This funding round is significant for MeduSoil as it marks their inclusion in the Technology Fund portfolio, signaling strong support for their environmentally friendly construction solutions. The company, founded in 2018, is also supported by Innosuisse, Switzerland’s Innovation Agency. This backing aids startups in developing innovative, science-based projects.

MeduSoil’s approach to sustainable construction has garnered recognition and financial support, indicating a positive step forward in reducing the construction industry’s environmental impact.

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