Hydrological Measuring Stations Awarded by the WMO

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Hydrological Measuring Stations Awarded by the WMO

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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Three hydrological measuring stations operated by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), namely Thur-Andelfingen, Birs-M√ľnchenstein, and Sitter-Appenzell, have received a prestigious honor in May 2023. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO), during its recent Congress, designated these stations as “Centennial Observing Stations” (COS). This recognition is usually bestowed upon meteorological stations, but now hydrological stations have been included as well.

The COS hold great significance as they offer invaluable and trustworthy historical data regarding atmospheric and hydrological conditions. Over the course of many years, these stations have consistently collected data and ensured its quality, making them dependable sources of information. By using these data, scientists can examine climate variations and changes with a reliable reference point.

One notable aspect of the COS is the accessibility of their data. The information gathered from these stations is available to the public at no cost, allowing researchers, policymakers, and interested individuals to utilize it freely. This recognition serves to highlight the importance of hydrological monitoring in understanding our environment and advancing our knowledge of climate patterns.

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