H2-HUB Schweiz Aims to Boost Switzerland's Hydrogen Production

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H2-HUB Schweiz Aims to Boost Switzerland’s Hydrogen Production

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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The newly formed H2-HUB Schweiz association plans to make the Basel Region a key hydrogen hub for Switzerland. By producing and using green hydrogen, the country aims to advance its climate neutrality goals.

Established in February this year, H2-HUB Schweiz is based in Basel and aims to develop the region into a hydrogen hub. The plan involves producing green hydrogen from solar, hydroelectric, and wind power sources. This hydrogen will then be distributed throughout Switzerland. More details are available in a recent press release. The goal is to support Switzerland’s efforts in achieving climate neutrality.

Dirk Mulzer, COO of Industrielle Werke Basel (IWB), a company specializing in energy, water, and telecommunications, highlighted the EU’s role in promoting hydrogen economies. He emphasized that Switzerland should seize this opportunity, pointing out that various promotional programs are already underway in Europe.

In February 2024, IWB partnered with Fritz Meyer AG/AVIA, GETEC, Port of Switzerland, the energy group VARO, and HKBB (chamber of commerce for Basel cantons) to establish H2-HUB Schweiz in Basel. The association’s mission is to expand the Rhine ports in Muttenz and Birsfelden, in Basel-Landschaft canton, into a hub for hydrogen production, import, and distribution across Switzerland.

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