Ecospeed Makes Carbon Reporting Easier

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Ecospeed Makes Carbon Reporting Easier

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
Category: ESG News

Ecospeed, a company based in Zurich, has upgraded its carbon accounting software to simplify reporting on Scope 3 emissions, which include all indirect emissions from activities like transportation of goods and employee commuting. This update is essential for meeting the latest EU Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements effective from December 2022. The software now features an easy-to-use button that allows businesses to comply with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standard by automatically categorizing emissions into 15 types.

This tool is part of Ecospeed’s online business platform and is designed to help companies accurately track and report emissions across three levels: direct emissions (Scope 1), emissions from produced energy (Scope 2), and all other indirect emissions (Scope 3). Dr. Sabine Bödefeld, a senior consultant at Ecospeed, mentioned that while initial data input and collaboration are necessary, the software simplifies the complex process of categorizing and calculating these emissions.

The addition aims to aid companies in streamlining their carbon footprint assessment processes, ensuring they meet international standards for environmental accountability.

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