CO₂ Removal Breakthrough: Holcim Partners with neustark

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CO₂ Removal Breakthrough: Holcim Partners with neustark

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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Holcim has recently made a significant investment in the Swiss cleantech startup, neustark, focusing on carbon removal from construction materials. Neustark, a pioneer in this field, employs a unique technology that efficiently captures and stores CO₂ from the atmosphere within construction demolition materials.

The innovative process begins by capturing CO₂ in biogas plants, converting it into a liquid form, and subsequently binding it within these construction materials during concrete recycling. This inventive approach leads to the permanent storage of carbon within new concrete, promoting sustainability in the building sector.

Holcim’s collaboration with neustark aligns with their mission to promote low-carbon and circular construction, addressing the pressing need for sustainable building solutions. The partnership also emphasizes the importance of carbon dioxide removal for a cleaner, net-zero future.

Miljan Gutovic, Region Head Europe at Holcim, states, “At Holcim, we are dedicated to decarbonizing building practices for a net-zero future, and neustark’s technology plays a crucial role in achieving this objective. After a successful demonstration in Switzerland, we are prepared to expand this carbon removal technology on a global scale.”

Neustark aspires to remove one million tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere by 2030, contributing to Holcim’s commitment to decarbonization and circular construction. This partnership promises a brighter future for both humanity and the environment.

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