AELER Technologies Innovates Sustainable Shipping Solutions

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AELER Technologies Innovates Sustainable Shipping Solutions

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
Category: ESG News

A Vaud-based startup, AELER Technologies, is making waves in the logistics industry with its innovative container technology. AELER is redefining the traditional shipping container, which has remained largely unchanged for sixty years, by making it stronger, better insulated, smarter, and more durable. These new containers can carry more goods and are suitable for a variety of industries, meeting modern logistics needs while prioritizing sustainability.

Their partnership with Procter & Gamble highlights the industry’s support for AELER’s sustainable vision, emphasizing a joint commitment to environmental care. AELER’s containers are ideal for transporting liquids, temperature-sensitive items, and high-value goods like electronics and materials for consumer products, providing a solution that is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

To expand and meet increasing demand, AELER is raising funds, aiming to collect between CHF 20 to 25 million. The company, located at the EPFL Innovation Park, plans to significantly grow its container fleet by 2024, enhancing its capability to support clients and lead in sustainable logistics.

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