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03 Nov
Why do Swiss companies understand the impacts of climate change better?
Category: Blog
“Climate change has significant impacts on businesses, and Swiss businesses are no exception.” Switzerland is one of the world’s lowest greenhouse gas emitters, accounting for appr...
31 Oct
Five ways that ESG will create value by 2025
Five ways that ESG will create value by 2025
Category: Blog
“ESG is an all-encompassing term for a sustainable value creation strategy that takes environmental, social, and governance issues into account.” ESG, which stands for environmenta...
18 Sep
Swiss Climate Scores 2 Pic
Swiss Climate Scores: Will they bite?
Category: Opinions & Analyses
In order to establish Switzerland’s position as an international leader of credible climate transparency, the Federal Council launched the Swiss Climate Scores in June 2022.
15 Sep
Bern 1500
Is Switzerland on track to achieve its climate targets by 2030?
Category: Opinions & Analyses
Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Switzerland has a commitment to achieve at least 50% reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) belo...
01 Aug
Renewables 1000
UBS publishes net zero approach
Category: ESG News
UBS will reduce the carbon footprint of its loan book across three sectors that account for a sizable share (c. 43%) of its credit portfolio and financed emissions: fossil fuels, p...
31 Mar
Zurich Insurance
Zurich aims for net-zero target in operations by 2030 instead of 2050
Category: ESG News
Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) is bringing forward by 20 years its target to achieve net-zero emissions in its operations.