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05 Dec
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Circularity Task Force Launched at COP28 with Holcim as a Key Player
Category: ESG News
Holcim joins the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Circularity Task Force at COP28, driving global efforts toward a circular economy. Closing material loops, advancing climate actio...
26 Apr
circular construction
Holcim Acquires Sivyer Logistics to Promote Circular Construction and Reach 2025 Sustainability Targets
Category: ESG News
Holcim has acquired Sivyer Logistics, a prominent producer of recycled construction and demolition waste (CDW) in the London construction market, to promote circular construction p...
07 Apr
net-zero targets
Holcim Sets New Net-Zero Targets and Invests $2B in CCUS Technology
Category: ESG News
Holcim sets new targets for net-zero emissions, investing $2B in CCUS tech to achieve it. The company also promotes low-carbon building solutions and circular construction to mitig...