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24 Apr
Logitech Recognized as a Supplier Engagement Leader for its Climate Change Mitigation Efforts
Category: ESG News
Logitech has been recognized as a Supplier Engagement Leader by CDP for actively working with suppliers to mitigate climate change across their value chain. The company aims to ach...
17 Apr
Switzerland’s New Diesel Emissions Control Method Promises to Reduce Harmful Pollutants
Category: ESG News
Switzerland has adopted a new diesel emissions control method that uses a combination of catalytic converters and filters to reduce harmful pollutants. The new technology is highly...
07 Apr
net-zero targets
Holcim Sets New Net-Zero Targets and Invests $2B in CCUS Technology
Category: ESG News
Holcim sets new targets for net-zero emissions, investing $2B in CCUS tech to achieve it. The company also promotes low-carbon building solutions and circular construction to mitig...
05 Apr
hydrogen powered jet
Destinus Tests Successful Hydrogen-Powered Jet, Advances Sustainable Transportation
Category: ESG News
Destinus successfully tests hydrogen-powered passenger jet prototype to reduce travel times and promote sustainable transportation. €12m invested in Eiger plane and a hydrogen engi...