Infener to Construct Green Hydrogen Factory in Neumünster

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Infener to Construct Green Hydrogen Factory in Neumünster

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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Infener AG, based in Nidwalden, Switzerland, is embarking on the construction of a green hydrogen production facility in Neumünster, Germany. The plant, set to be operational by 2026, aims to produce 5,000 tons of green hydrogen annually, a significant increase compared to current industry standards. This initiative aligns with the company’s vision to foster sustainability and regional value chains.

The project, in collaboration with the city of Neumünster, seeks to establish a pioneering model for decentralized hydrogen production. The facility will utilize renewable energy sources, primarily solar and wind power, for electrolysis, minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, surplus electricity from renewable sources will be stored as hydrogen, contributing to grid stability.

The construction, expected to commence by the end of 2024, will feature innovative architectural designs by Hadi Teherani Architects, emphasizing functionality and sustainability. Neumünster’s strategic location, coupled with existing infrastructure like the hydrogen refueling station by Hypion GmbH, positions it as a hub for green hydrogen adoption in the region.

This venture underscores Infener’s commitment to driving the transition towards green energy and fostering a circular hydrogen economy. With plans for expansion across Europe, including Germany, Spain, and Norway, Infener aims to play a pivotal role in achieving decarbonization targets and advancing the EU’s hydrogen strategy.

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