GreenGT Partners with 49 SUD for Climate Impulse Airplane

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GreenGT Partners with 49 SUD for Climate Impulse Airplane

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
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GreenGT, based in Collombey-Muraz, has signed a contract with French company 49 SUD to supply fuel cell systems for the Climate Impulse airplane. This project, led by eco-explorers Bertrand Piccard and Raphael Dinelli, aims to achieve the first non-stop round-the-world flight powered by green hydrogen in 2028.

Jean-François Weber, Managing Director at GreenGT, expressed excitement about the collaboration. He highlighted GreenGT’s experience in developing advanced fuel cell solutions and its contribution to sustainable aviation technology.

GreenGT has been a leader in electric-hydrogen technology since 2008. The company has developed the NGT fuel-cell system for heavy-duty vehicles and was involved in the MissionH24 project, where the H24 prototype set a speed record for hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The Climate Impulse airplane aims to demonstrate the viability of eco-friendly technologies in aviation. Challenges include building an aircraft around two liquid hydrogen tanks, maintaining a temperature of -253°C, and powering electric motors through fuel cells. GreenGT’s systems will feature a power output of 2 x 200 kW, achieving high efficiency and weight power ratio.

Syensqo, a key partner in the project, will support GreenGT with innovative materials to achieve record-breaking power density. This collaboration aims to set new standards for sustainable aviation.

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