Climeworks Expands US Presence

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Climeworks Expands US Presence

Posted by: Baris Karapinar
Category: ESG News

Climeworks is set to expand its presence in the United States by establishing its new headquarters in Austin, Texas. This move is part of the company’s strategy to accelerate its growth and triple its American workforce by the end of 2024. The expansion will primarily focus on hiring in Texas, with additional positions in New York, California, and Washington, D.C.

The decision to choose Austin as the location for its US headquarters follows the approval of three Climeworks projects by the US Department of Energy. These projects, which include initiatives in Louisiana, North Dakota, and California, are expected to receive over $600 million in government funding.

Climeworks sees the USA as a strategic market for its innovative Direct Air Capture (DAC) technologies, especially given the country’s focus on clean energy initiatives. The company also recognizes the expertise and infrastructure available in the US for CO2 storage, further supporting its expansion efforts.

With a commitment to sustainability and climate action, Climeworks aims to make a positive impact globally. Alongside its operations in Switzerland and North America, the company is exploring projects in various regions, including Kenya, Canada, Norway, and the Middle East.

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